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GemTeam Marketing has traded successfully  for over 16 years and has operations in over 25 countries.

It has helped thousands of people to start up their own business and enabled them to work towards their financial independence.


GemTeam Marketing Ltd was started up by Lynne James 16 years ago with the goal of developing more control over both her income and life-style.  This goal is being successfully achieved through becoming an independent Business Owner working under the umbrella of Forever Living Products. Forever, a 35


year old privately owned company, with family and people always at its heart, was started with a huge vision... that vision to bring pure, high quality, health and wellness products to customers... while at the same time, importantly, helping people to take control of their lives.

And it's succeeded!

With a record of consistent and impressive growth every year, irrespective of global economic conditions, Forever now trades successfully in over 150 countries worldwide, is cash rich, totally debt free, and has a notable $1.5 Billion prime property portfolio.

What we can offer you!

A choice from safe, flexible part-time income, right through to full-time substantial and uncapped income, where you can qualify for: